Total Quality Control

01. Data Review

Once JIERCHEN Prototype receives your 3D, 2D images or gets your original ideas, we understand your practical requirement (physical or chemical requirement, texture, L/C, etc.)and product function at first before producing. Our engineer double checks the whole images and makes a further discussion if there is any missed details or product detachment demand, etc. By discussing carefully, we suggest the most economical, the fastest and the most precise processing way to produce the best product.


Our professional and experienced engineer uses Mastercam, a kind of processing software, to edit the cutter path and decide appropriate tools to process so that JIERCHEN Prototype can produce in an efficient and a right way.

03. CNC Milling

We set up careful processing SOP and obey it rigorously.
For Fabricating precise mockupsCNC operators correctly erect all the materials and tools and then pay attention to the whole process, so that we can ensure the quality of meeting your demand.

04. Finishing & Assembling

After CNC milling, JIERCHEN Prototype does the finishing process on unfinished products or outsource the partial process to subcontractors. By arranging the manufacturing schedule appropriately and fabricating workpieces carefully, we can ensure your products to complete on time.

05. Quality Control

During the whole prototype manufacturing process, all of our team workers get involved in the total quality management(TQM or TQC). From communication with you to continual improvement, JIERCHEN Prototype strives to approach long-term success through your satisfaction. Then your product is finished!

06. Shipping

Overseas parcels can be delivered by sea or freight according to your demand.
Domestic parcels can be dispatched by Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd., logistics companies, etc. according to your demand.
We take shipping quality seriously as well so that you do not need to worry about if there is any accidental breakage.


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