JIERCHEN Prototype provides one-stop service from 3D, 2D images designing and modifying, custom CNC machining mockups and working samplesrapid prototyping(3D print) to fixtures, jigs, sheet metal forming, vacuum molding, hard tooling, and injection. For beautifying the products, we also deal with them by surface finishing including hairline treatment, matt, polishing, screen printing, laser engraving, electroplating, anodization, etc.

Refer to our slogan, “precise, presto and presented to you”, we not only assist with manufacturing processing solution selection but also proceed total quality control (TQC) to strictly ensure the quality of our products.

All services we provide are widely applied in trended industries. Mentioned below is the applied field:

Auto Parts Prototype

Application includes automobile prototypes, motorcycle prototypes and bicycle prototypes. What we had manufactured are shown below: 

Computer Parts Prototype

JIERCHEN prototype solutions are applicable throughout the 3C industrial industry.

Consumer Electronics Prototype

Communication Products Prototype

Optoelectronic Parts Prototype

There is a wide application in the optoelectronic industry by making plastic and metal prototypes such as light prototypes because of the necessity of precision and repeated trial run.

Office and Home Appliance Prototype

We also make furniture prototypes and advanced service for clients such as IKEA.

Medical and Health Reference Products Prototype

By the progress of ISO certification, we gradually have the ability to help the medical industry make medical mockups.

Make Everthing Real By Make A Mockup / Prototype!

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