Mockup and Working Sample


A mockup, also known as a “mock-up” or “mock up”.It is a full-sized structural model. It is built to scale chiefly for design or structure testing, study, cost estimation, display or exhibition, mold and injection reference,  etc.

Individuals or enterprises sometimes need it before a new product is going to released or published. By making it before mass production, it is helpful to modify your design promptly and cost down your money.

JIERCHEN Prototype specializes in CNC mockup designing and CNC prototype producing. We always give our best to meet customers’ demand.

The textures of a mockup are able to be presented by general industrial plastics (ABS, PC, PMMA, etc.) and metals (Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, etc.).Other textures are arranged.

Working Sample

A working sample is also known as a working model. It is built for functional experiments, model reference, and analysis.Sometimes it is also produced for industrial and commercial exhibitions.
We make working samples in the actual state according to your demand detail.

JIERCHEN Prototype has the ability to matching the mating parts of the whole product.
For reviewing format, layout, and the content of the product, we need to discuss with you deeply.

Understand where your product is emphasized first.
For example, if you focus on the performance of the product appearance, we will discuss with you about the whole texture need;if you are going to verify the product function and structure, tell the detail of focus parts of the product to us.

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